Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to lose weight

When I was in my first year of university in the UK, my body had to adapt to the cold weather so it stored fats. Yeah... fats in the most annoying places ie, my face, arms and tummy. I really wouldn't have minded it if they went to my hips and thighs but no, they obviously have a mind of their own. I suppose it's the body's way of keeping one warm takkan you want me to die from the cold meh. This is called self preservation ok. Dunno if this theory is true but the birds in colder climate countries are fatter so I guess it is.

Having been skinny all along, when I went back home, everyone's first comment when they saw me was, "Hey long time no see. You must have had a good life overseas", or the more direct hurtful ones, "Omg you've put on weight". Family, friends and friends' mums said the same thing. Pfft. I was 48kg ok. BMI-wise, for my height, that was normal. But appearance-wise, I was a fatty boom boom. The F word. There, I said it.

Can you see the big, fat arm with 'bye bye' flesh. I want to be skinny again #vain

So, being the determined person that I can sometimes be (when I put my head to it), I started dieting. In a good way. It's not like I stopped eating. Duh. And it worked. I went back down to 44kg. And up till now I'm still maintaining that weight although I eat ALL the food. I guess my body has adapted to the weather?

Nah, share with you my petua. Don't say I never share:

1. Eat healthily.
2. I changed all white rice and white bread to brown.
3. Eat smaller meals but more frequently.
4. I usually have carbs for lunch and a salad for dinner cuz you don't use as much energy at night.
5. Although I have salads at night I still take my portion of protein eg; chicken, eggs and dairy products. Apparently they increase your metabolic rate.
6. Exercise. I hate exercising so I just do it whenever I feel like it. The diet alone works for me so yay! LOL

It's pretty much everything you can find on the internet.

I was on this diet for about a month if I'm not mistaken. My housemates thought I was anorexic wth. Anyway I started eating all the globally-labelled 'unhealthy' whites again once I achieved my target. Hehehe.

Excuse me I didn't take the shortcut in losing weight. Hmph. I know people who chose to gag themselves (bulimic). Easier whatttt. With almost immediate results. Plus you can still eat everything you want although technically, you're starving your body. I'M NOT ENDORSING IT! But oh well, all's fair in love and war so all's fair in diet and size hahahahaha.

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