Monday, November 19, 2012

Turning 21

Before I went back to Malaysia (in June) I told myself I'd write a lot of blog posts so that I reach at least 100 entries this year but my target is a little unreachable cuz I conveniently forget everything I promised. Hahahaha. I'm your typical hangat hangat tahi ayam kind of girl ok. I super beh tahan the vast difference between entry numbers from month to month ie; zero entries in July, August etc maybe one day I'll write sooo many entries and backdate them #playcheat. I was supposed to do it over summer holidays but I ended up shaking my legs the whole time. (I got leg muscles now!)

My 21st birthday! (21 October!!! Take your pens out and mark it on your calendar!!!)

P.S.: I stopped growing at 21...

P.P.S: There was another dinner at Slug and Lettuce too but no pics here cuz I forgot my camera. So please don't get offended ok? *kiss kiss* I show no favouritism.

Dinner at Radisson Blu Hotel. I had grilled lobsterrrrr. Yums. Although it wasn't as good as the one at Burger and Lobster, London, but still, I love shellfish. Lobsters are the best cuz they're bigger than prawns and consumer-friendly compared to crabs. 

Continued with a karaoke session at K2 - the must-do event for every birthday celebration... 





And my birthday pressie... Although I chose it myself hahaha.

Prettiest purse ever. 
Psst... I only chose it because of the bow just so you know.

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