Saturday, December 1, 2012

I live in a bubble

Sometimes I can be really shallow. I qualify to be a dumb black (my hair is black). If you still don't get it, I derived that from 'dumb blonde'.

I was telling the whole world (even my mum knows wth) of my wedding plans... about how lavish I want it to be so I'm starting to save now WTH. Eh hello, it's a once in a lifetime event ok. So next time please bao big big angpows for me hahahahaha. Help me cover a bit of cost ma if not I can't go honeymoon T__T - I'm thinking Dubai cuz I fell in love with the place after watching Sex and the City 2 plus they've got a nice musical fountain.

During a pillow talk session with a friend, I went on and on about how I want to have the poofy gowns. The bigger the poof, the better even if it hinders my walking. Talk about impracticality. But yeah you don't get to wear poofy gowns everyday, people will think you're mad so let me wear it once in my life? *gains sympathy* And I want to change evening gowns many many many many many times during the dinner reception, so many times that I don't get to sit and eat. It's the only time I get to model dresses. Thinking of my wedding really makes me happy hahahaha.

More examples on my pea-sized brain...

Before I got my Kindle Fire I first looked for tablet casings. I chose nice ones ignoring the dimensions. Then only I got a tablet that fits the casing. This is how things work around here. In the reverse. Honestly I sometimes think I should be slapped. (I got scolded la so it didn't work out that way)

Then I bought pretty clothes. So now I want a pretty house to keep my pretty clothes. PLUS I've already got a design for my future bedroom *evil grin* and I intend to make that come true. The only thing between me and my bedroom is a house. My OWN house not my parents'. Maaaaannn I need a lot of money to live.

Oh and there's this video circulating on facebook- "what if money didn't matter". If money didn't matter, I'd be an interior designer lololol. You know I love Ikea from the bottom of my heart. Who shares my #Ikealove.

And yes, my mum thinks I'm being very impractical, unrealistic and absurd.

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