Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Birthday Weekend

My favourite week of the year... I turn 18 for the sixth time. I really want to put some pictures up but I dunno how to upload pics from my phone to my tablet... IT illiterate hahaha. So this is gonna be wordy.

I finally get to celebrate my birthday in Malaysia. ^^  Went for Japanese food at Zanmai. Cost 80 Malaysian bucks for two. That's like 8 pounds per person. Dirt cheap... and we ate a lot, sashimi, oyster don something, scallop sushi something, salmon roe sushi and a steamboat set. Greedy. Was quite bloated after the dinner.

Also did a bit of splurging at Bodyshop and Sephora. Hehe. Gifts for myself. Considering that this year I spent less on myself compared to last year, it's a big big improvement. #pats self on back. Unemployed what... I must really stop doing the currency conversions soon or else bankruptcy will seem inevitable.

Mum got me a tiramisu cake. Of course I dropped hints as big as cow dung about wanting a cake this year. I ate three quarters of the cake on my own. Talk about binge eating. A lady always has an extra stomach for desserts. I don't have to doubt my gender now. Hahahaha.

Since I'm jobless and therefore very free, I went around reprimanding those who failed to wish me happy birthday hahahahaha. In case you're in shock that I actually do stuff like this, let me tell you this, I'm a very shameless person hahahaha. Those poor people... who asked you to forget my birthday?!

Had seafood barbeque with Jee's lawyer friends. Aihh, more lawyer friends now than I have pharmacists. But that wasn't to celebrate my birthday. Still not very close to them yet. They are so gungho they went all the way to Kuala Selangor to get the catch of the day/ the freshest seafood.

Went for karaoke session at Loudspeaker with a bunch of people who are Manchester University graduates. Jee's friends. Then we played three person's mahjong. Neither me nor Jee knew how to play so we lost = paying tuition fees as they call it lol. Pro mahjong kakis play so fast I can barely catch up. I don't even notice them taking and throwing the tiles although I kind of get the game now.

Ok lah, gotta go practice playing mahjong more.

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