Monday, February 13, 2012

The Lost Watch

Seriously, I should put my time to better use. After coming home at 12, I've been seated in front of my laptop until now. That's almost 8 freaking hours of online shopping. Right, I was shopping. Again. All because I had a stomach ache and I needed to steer my mind away from the pain. I ended up buying a couple of rings and a watch by Lipsy but I needed a blouse to match the watch cuz it was so blingbling that by the time I wanted to check out it went OUT OF STOCK (I was blouse-hunting at a snail's pace). So I only bought the rings after wasting 8 hours of my life -_-

Current state of mind: In denial. *Sheds a tear* In fact I was ready to burst into tears. Out of frustration.

I think I may need to get professional help, maybe join a support group or something for shopaholics cuz I'm turning into Becky Bloomwood. Well, at least not as bad. She gets herself into financial crisis whereas I don't. *Still in denial* Anyway, I will stop shopping when I absolutely have to ie, when I'm broke and penniless. The thing is, I am penniless. I pay for everything, from groceries to bags, with The Card. It's my favourite thing on Earth, as long as there's money in it. No wonder Mum stripped me of my credit card when I came to the UK. #Troll face

So currently I am someone who is jobless (unless you consider 'student' as a job) and penniless with a stomach ache. #self pity You know, if blogging were a career that provides a steady income, it would so become my aspiration (besides being a wedding planner/ bridesmaid) cuz I kinda enjoy writing. It's like talking to myself (Internal speech: I'm a very lonely person just so you know. Not. No, really, I can blabber on and on and on without feeling tired- Content of speech: Nil) Unless I'm writing an academic-related essay, then I'd totally hate it. OK, maybe depending on my interest on the given topic.

I think I should stop now. It looks like it's never going to end.

May my dear readers have the peaceful-lest sleep and the sweetest dreams tonight and may the hottest models visit you in your wonderful slumber (except B, if you're reading this- don't you dare dream of models or else I'll kick you). And if you're not a reader, may you have nightmares and be visited by the scariest of monsters tonight. Haha. I'm so full of craaaaaap. (I'm actually a very nice person, so please don't take the last line to heart. I'm just amusing myself cuz I'm dying of boredom.)

OK, I'm really stopping now.

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Jackie Ho said...

Corrinne ah, self discipline ah...