Friday, February 3, 2012

Lolling In The Deep

I'm currently still on cloud nine. Floating around heaven. With no purpose in life. Cuz I'm done with exams. For now. I wanna bond with my laptop and bed and chocolates (it's not like I stopped bonding with them during the exam period). Anyway, the whole week has been pretty much a self-declared holiday although I still force myself outta bed every morning at 8am to attend my 9 o'clock lectures.

Also, I've been watching this Taiwanese drama called 'Bu Bu Jing Xin' for a whole week. I realised I wasted 35 hours of my life. The more I watched it the angrier I got which of course hastens the aging process. Seriously... I got myself worked up for no reason -_- There was crying in every episode, death and sibling rivalry for the throne. *super depressed now* I mean I could have just stopped watching but that'd be a waste- I followed each episode ever so closely. I even watched an episode every morning before going to class and it almost made me late on several occasions. Then I'll be all hot and flushed by the time I get to class cuz I had to run. Oh well...

[I still prefer dramas with happy endings cuz I grew up with Disney]

On another note, a lecturer complimented us on the first day of class, calling us 'creative' :D Apparently, he found our answer scripts 'amusing'. (Gonna vote him lecturer of the year!) The exam question was, 'Compare the effectiveness of ethylene oxide and heat sterilisation'. Here are the answers:

#1 Bacterial cells melt when heated.

#2 Bacterial cells are more sensitive to ethylene oxide because it is a gas and bacteria cannot see gas.

#3 Both processes do not guarantee sterilisation.

Ok, you may not find this funny but as a science student I lolled maxxxxxxx. Pardon the jargon!

Random college tip: Found out how to warm my water up without using the kettle after three years. I'm usually too lazy to walk downstairs to boil my water so I leave my bottles of water on the radiator.

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