Thursday, December 17, 2009

Of Christmas Carols and Snow

It snowed in Manchester. ^^ Felt like i was living in a snow globe. The streets were white. The roof tops were white. It was beautiful. I would be doing it injustice if i were to give you a description (anyway, i can't find the right words besides 'white'). If only i could relive today. Do i really have to grow up?? I enjoy being the rebellious, carefree, irresponsible, messy teenager-adult (i'm still young, okay?) that i am (nah... i think i'm filial alright. Hehe.) How i wish i were 20 forever. But Neverland only exists in Peter Pan. The closest i can get to is Netherlands and i will grow old there. SIGH. On a different note, i hope it will snow so heavily tonight that Whitworth Park gets buried under snow so i don't have to sit for my test tomorrow. *evil grin*

Attended a Christmas Carol at the Catholic Chaplaincy near my school. Wow. It was amazing. The soloist, Joanne Patocs has got a really powerful voice (duh~ that is why she is the soloist).

I am really looking forward to Christmas :-)))))))))

My favourite song: 'When a Child is born'. Enjoy!


Delorfilinde said...

awww... ^^

g_yean_i said...

OMG! Nice!! Thanks for sharing!!! =)