Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Dessert

Taddah!! Look at my appetising dessert! I hereby name it "Corrinne's Awesome Honeydew with Haagen Dazs (cookies & cream) Ice-cream Dessert That Should Make It Into the Guinness World Records". I know it only looks like honeydew in a HD tub wth but there's ice cream underneath it ok.

I couldn't care less presentation-wise cuz whatever enters the body will eventually come out from you-know-where as brown matter with a certain smell. It was also cuz I'm currently on a mission to help save the planet by producing less household chemicals ie, your washing liquid. I don't want the world to succumb to natural disasters caused by global warming shit ok. I worked too long (*cough* 16 years) to let my efforts go to waste so I WANT MY CERTIFICATE BEFORE THE WORLD VAPOURISES. (Read: Cuz I was too lazy to wash the bowl)

Eating ice-cream on a cold day is the worst idea any sane person could come up with. It's May now but the weather sure as hell is freezing. So I err defrosted my ice-cream in the microwave WTH. Eh hello it was also very hard (cuz it was frozen) I couldn't scoop anything up with the spoon. I had to use niu li (bull's strength) with every effort I made which wasn't very productive cuz I only managed to dig up a few millimetres worth of ice-cream I couldn't even taste anything wth.

It was also so hard that I spoiled my spoon. It bent wth. So putting it into the microwave was my last resort. And a pretty smart one too cuz I get to enjoy water-cream instead.

P.S.: If you want to use this method to soften your ice-cream, please do not set the microwave to 1 minute. 5 seconds would do I guess? You try and then let me know la ok. 

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