Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Corrinne's Bucketlist

I finished my first (lousy) paper today in which I bullshitted my way through but it feels like I'm on holiday?! WTH. Motivation, where are you?

Too free so I came up with a bucket list.

#1 Become the maid of honour for Lee Mei Chi's wedding.

#2 Become the maid of honour for Dorrene Lim's wedding.

#3 Become the maid of honour for Koh Jing Hui's wedding.

#4 Become the maid of honour for Yiki Lew's wedding.

#5 Become the maid of honour for Yeoh Yew Lee's wedding.

#6 Become the maid of honour for Jinny Choong's wedding.

#7 Become the maid of honour for Random-person-I-just-met-10-minutes-ago's wedding.

#8  Become the over-sized flower girl for Fong Wan Hui's wedding.

#9 Become the best man for Aloysius Chong's wedding.

#10 Become the bride at MY wedding.

P.S.: Please don't be offended if I left anyone out. Obviously I want to be your maid of honour *begging on my knees* but it's impossible to include everyone in here.

Don't know la maybe I will downgrade myself to Bridesmaid cuz I don't want to get stage fright.

OK, 2nd bucket list now.

#1 Make a tree house.

#2 Grow a money tree.

#3 Bathe with a yellow toy duck in the bath.

After writing this entry I feel like I really have no purpose in life lor *emo* HOW? I can't even come up with a decent bucket list for myself. Meh. I think I'll have to bring forward my trip to Nepal to find my life's purpose. Imagine me sitting at the top of the mountain meditating
and breathing air that is fresher than anywhere else in the world. WHAT A PRETTY SIGHT!

The more I think about it the more I'm convinced that I should go to Nepal soon.


JH said...

feel so honored to have you as my maid of honour in my future wedding(if there is any)lol.

Jackie Ho said...

JH, you are no. 3, you have to wait until mei chi and dorrene get married 1st. corrine is kind enough to assure you all get married on the first place before she get married herself lol...

Corrinne The Great said...

yay!! mama you say wan ah.. i got this as proof. u need to help me fulfil my dream/bucketlist ga ma... hehehehe

jackie: hahaha ya la... if not i won't be able to become the maid of honour d...

Jackie Ho said...

corrine ah. in that case may be ur poor b have to membujang samapi tua liao...i suppose when some of them will really getting married *cough*...*wicked smile*...=P