Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I was trying to study for my upcoming exam, I really was. But I have the attention span of a gold fish and my brain just turned back time on its own to the year when I was 3 years old wth. I know if I don't blog about this I'd just keep thinking about it the whole time and won't be able to concentrate on my studies.

You know how some people fear infants especially crying babies (in my case)? It's not weird. In fact paedophobia is the medical term used for these people. I really cannot tahan babies when they cry. Don't go away and say "Corrinne is so mean. She hates babies. Who in the world hates babies anyway? They are the cutest things on earth." In my defence, I never said I hated babies. I just cannot tahan crying babies ok.

Please la I used to hand-raise my puppies. Puppies DO cry in the middle of the night too. Since I jaga-ed my dogs with tender loving care, I woke up, made milk formulated specially for puppies wth, waited for the milk to reach body temperature, fed them and sung them to sleep before I continued sleeping. So don't say I'm heartless.

Anyway I used to be an intolerable cry baby. A spoilt brat of a child. I had 3 people take care of me wth. And how do I know all this cuz I'm pretty sure my brain wouldn't have remembered the things that happened a gazillion and one years ago? It's cuz during EVERY Chinese New Year, my aunts and mum will have nothing else to talk about except how naughty I was as a child. :S

Here's the thing:
1. I used to be such a clean freak I insisted that my mum change my clothes whenever I had a drop of water on them. Literally. So you can expect that I never played with mud.

2. I ate so slowly my maid fell asleep while feeding me wth.

3. I slept only when I was in a moving vehicle so the car naturally became my parents' bed as well. My bedtime contributed to the air pollution wth.

The list goes on. I suppose? Don't know la I always hide myself whenever they start talking about the past.

So here's wishing you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, mummy. 

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