Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Love Amsterdam

I know this is kind of a late post but a promise is a promise and I promised to blog about Holland after Paris (the last post).

I fell in love with Holland two years ago because the country is sooooo beautiful... And not because of the weed/marijuana or prostitution that is legal there. You'll find brownies/drinks tainted with weed in most of the coffee shops if not all. Alternatively, you can choose to smoke it. I personally did not try it cuz I'm a chicken :P I'm not trying to say that taking drugs is a 'brave' act but then again, I will not judge under this circumstance. It's legal in Amsterdam anyway. Hehe.
Advice: Maybe you should watch 'Harold and Kumar' before deciding to try or not to try and understand that you may possibly get addicted. HEHEHE Now I sound all professional and pharmacist-like *grins* No la, I don't think that movie helps. It's a comedy after all. So do your own research kay. HAHAHA. I know I wasted 5 minutes of your life for writing crap.

OK, I'm getting to the pictures now.

#1 I AMsterdam Landmark

You usually won't be able to take a picture with nobody around. There'll be heads sticking out from every alphabet cuz they're kiasu tourists. Hahaha. I'm mean. But I'm one of them (I admit).

#2 The Infamous Red Light District

We went there in the evening so you can't see the red lights very clearly. When it gets darker there will be sexily-clad girls standing at the windows lit by red lights. That's how it got its name I suppose. If you wish, you can go in and do your thing for a fee and the curtains will be drawn. There's another street that is lined with men in place of the women but too bad I didn't go there. I wasn't aware of its existence at that point.

There are live shows as well but like I said, I'm a chicken so I didn't watch any.

#3 The Boat House

House taxes when you live on water are much cheaper compared to living on land so some people choose to live in boat houses on the canals. They are cosier than you think.

#4 NEMO Science Centre (The boat-shaped building)

#5 Dressed up as Russians

There was this Russian fair when I went to Holland, something like an expo.

#6 Tulips- One of the many things Holland is famous for.

I went to the flower garden in Keukenhof also known as the Garden of Europe. It was such a breath taking moment to see so many flowers of different colours *sheds a tear*

Advice: If you want to visit Holland, go during Spring/Easter when the flowers are in bloom.

#7 Yellow Tulips

#8 Lavender

#9 Typical Amsterdam Buildings

Notice that each building is different from the one next to it.

#10 Windmills of Zaanse Schans

A long time ago, millers lived here and they made a living by selling the flour they milled. Look at the scenery, how can I not fall in love with Holland?!

#11 Round Yellow Cheese That Can Knock You Out If Someone Hits Your Head With It

But yummy all the same *drools*

By the way, Holland is also famous for her clogs. I wanted to put a picture up but I looked so fat I decided against it :D

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