Friday, March 23, 2012

Y I SO suay

2012 has not been my year. So far.


(Speaks in my dramatic Malaysian drawl) I tell you... There was a day that I fell down the stairs onto my bum *butt pain* My housemate saw me tumbling away and laughed his ass off. And to make things worse, he called me 'stupid'. Si beh bo shiok him. I will wait and see how he falls next time cuz what goes around comes around. Revenge is sweet.

As if falling is not suay enough, I lost my student ID and had to get a replacement for 10pounds *heart pain* but that's ok cuz I shamelessly asked the lady at the counter to take a new picture of me! Muahahaha. Since I have my consumer rights, or student rights, or whatever sh*t rights, I might as well put them to good use.

#1 The New ID

Why is my face so round! Ugh.

Until now I have no idea what happened to my previous ID. I tried searching in my school building, hunted high and low in my room and among the dust mite's home under my bed. For goodness sake I even asked the person manning the car park opposite my house if anyone handed a student ID in to him. (So much effort for a lost ID) But to no avail... And then I got very bek chek with myself for losing something so important. Oh well.

If someone picked it up, I don't think he/she will find much use for it cuz they don't have my library password. So it's pretty much useless. Y? Y U NO RETURN IT??

So I came up with the perfect conclusion:
The person must have loved me so much he/she decided to paste my ID up on his/her wall. That way, he/she gets to peep at my picture before sleeping every night.

And then my housemate came up with his conclusion:
The person must have beh tahan my face he/she decided to throw my ID into the fire wth.


Anyway, I was given the option of personalising my ID cuz it had been such a suay month for me that I managed to gain the lady's sympathy. I swear I saw her shed a tear.

#2 The Personalised ID

If I were the head of the university, all the IDs will look like that. And no la, I wasn't given the honour of getting a personalised ID.

Now what I have to do is to bathe with 7 different types of flowers to buang suay (to get rid of my bad luck). But I only have three.

#3 Pink rose, white rose and bright pink lily

This is the end of my suay stories. You didn't expect more, did you? Walaoeh if I were more suay than this I'd dig a hole and bury myself.

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