Friday, March 16, 2012

Paris Learns Some Tricks

This is my pet. Her name's Paris. She's almost 2 years old now and she's the bestest companion a person could ever have. <3 <3

Breed: Silky terrier (in case you were wondering)

Temperament: SPOILT BRAT

Description: She hates her dog food (which is way more expensive than my food). WTH. She boycotts her food on most days and will only eat it if I feed her piece by piece (to give me 'face'). WTH. But I only see her during the summer holidays so that's ok. I have all the time in the world so I can pamper her with 9 months' worth of royal treatment. She loooooves her JerHigh snacks which I used in the video to bribe her into doing tricks. HEHEHE.

History: Dad got her from a pet store. (My pets are usually given by friends or were strays- before they found a loving me :P) Paris was kind of a replacement pet after Prince (my mini pinscher) died from poison. Whoever the culprit who poisoned my dog was, may you never find rest *bitter*. What goes around comes around. OK, maybe one day when I become righteous I'll consider forgiving you. But for now, you wait slowly lah.

Anyway, replacement pet or not, I love my baby all the same.

To Paris: May you grow into the prettiest little thing on earth. Mummy misses you!!

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