Wednesday, March 14, 2012


And this is my suit.

Sometimes being a pharmacist (not yet) requires me to go to space. The aim of it is for me to collect soil/whatever-it's-called samples from other planets. Cuz as everyone knows, there are diseases out there that still do not have cures. So by obtaining these samples (containing different elements) we, the pharmacists, can conduct experiments ie; random screening for antimicrobial activity. Who knows one day we even might invent a medicine that can give you super powers like Aquaman (Sorry. Internal joke. Hahahaha.)

Oh please... don't you label me as 'the senile woman across the street' *defensive mode* A gazillion years from now, my vision will come to pass. You'll see... :P

Anyway, I lied. That's my tyvek suit for aseptic dispensing (in layman's terms: dispensing in a bacteria/particle-free environment). PLEASE DON'T LET BACTERIA GROW IN MY CULTURES PLEASE DON'T LET BACTERIA GROW IN MY CULTURES PLEASE DON'T LET BACTERIA GROW IN MY CULTURES. Or else I'll fail this section. Eh, wearing that suit was so hot I almost fainted inside the clean room ok! Don't judge my dispensing skills. HAHAHA.

P.S: Had the best gossip session today with me good friend (IT'S NOT WHO YOU THINK IT IS)... Although most of it was backdated news THAT I ABSOLUTELY HAD NO IDEA ABOUT?! I almost had a, no, several heart attacks. GUESS I DON'T FALL INTO THE KEPOCHI CATEGORY :D

P.S.S: It actually isn't considered gossiping cuz it only involved the storyteller and no one else. So that makes it a 'getting to know me good friend more' session. I'm still GOOD.


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