Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Happened in Germany

I was thinking of leaving the past behind me and never reveal my shuper shecret (something that happened while I was holidaying in Germany) but since I'm shameless and have absolutely no reputation whatsoever I decided to share it with you.

You know how when you fall asleep especially in a moving vehicle, your head tends to sway from side to side cuz of the inertia or the momentum (I don't remember my physics anymore) or merely due to the lack of neck muscles which is the likelier cause in my case, and without you realising it you slept on the shoulder of the stranger next to you, thinking that it was your pillow wth.

Well that happened to me on the train from Munich to Salzburg. Omg embarrassing much! But like I said, my skin thickness measures about 15 inches so I'll survive, no problem...

#1 Seating plan on the train

I must've slept comfortably on Guy 2's shoulder twice throughout the two hour journey. It actually isn't that embarrassing if nobody noticed it. BUDDEN...

(The rest of the story was related to me by my friend)

Guy 1 noticed. And he couldn't stop snickering. He pretended to close his eyes and sleep but he was smiling all along wth. My friends were, on the other hand, in a dilemma about whether to wake me up or to let me continue sleeping cuz there's an idiom that goes 'let sleeping dogs lie'. Ok la, that was random and does not apply to this situation and I'm not implying that I'm a dog wth.

Anyway, when I dozed the second time off Guy 2's shoulder, Guy 1 couldn't tahan any longer and burst into laughter wth. So then my friend decided to wake me up. Of course Guy 1 was embarrassed when I woke and looked over. He tried to avoid all eye contact. Padan muka!! I should have tortured him longer with my stare. Muahahaha.

And then I found out that Guy 1 and 2 were friends. I would've eavesdropped on their conversation but it was in German. Yet another reason for me to learn an extra language. Muahahaha. I'm pretty sure for the next 10 years or so, this would be their topic of conversation while they eat kuacis wth.

*stabs self with knife*

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