Monday, March 19, 2012

Shopping Haul

I know I'm a shopaholic la. Don't judge me. Shopping is not a sin ok. Takkan you want to see me sad everyday meh?! You see me like that until you become depressed then only you know. God I love my Manglish wth. By the way, shopping makes me happy that's why I do it.

#1 Evening bags

Why I need them (Rationale)- When I go back home I'm pretty sure there'll be many weddings that I'll have to attend cuz I constantly remind my friends for invitations to their weddings. #shameless. Muahaha. I loooove weddings #wedding fetish. It makes me happy. So I'd like to seize this opportunity to reinforce the importance of inviting me to your wedding k? #very shameless. THANKSSS.

P.S: A happy person lives longer. You don't want to be responsible for my premature passing on right? *choi*

#2 Random jerseys that do not interest me one bit #not a football fan

Rationale- Since I'm a VERY NICE person I intend on giving them away as presents. See who makes me happy la.

#3 Skinny jeans and sleeveless, collared, sheer top

Rationale- I've been wanting the top for the longest time. Every time I came across something similar, it either had no sizes left or was not in the colour I want. Walaoeh. So now you see why I just had to get the blouse.

#4 Heels

Rationale- I shiok so I got it.

What?! Cannot ah?

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