Thursday, March 22, 2012

Depressing Jobs

If you asked me to name the world's most depressing jobs, the list will go like this:

#1 Hang man/executioner
#2 Healthcare professionals

Imagine LEGALLY taking someone's life away.
In fact you're paid to do it.
The guilt.

I don't know about you but I suddenly feel very thankful that I'm not studying medicine. At least as a pharmacist I get to choose my own working environment which is either in a hospital, community or industrial pharmacy. (On a brighter note, all professions can eventually branch into teaching- that'd be an extra option!)

Come to think of it, maybe criminals deserve to be punished. The world would be a much better place without them #heart of stone. But if you were a healthcare professional, your patients have as much right as you do to continue living. I'm not gonna dwell on euthanasia cuz from my personal point of view, it really is up to the patient himself/family members (for comatose patients). Of course it has to be in the patient's best interest. Anyway, *coughs* this is not in my job scope so I don't have to think about it .

I feel depressed cuz today I interviewed an 85 year old man who is scheduled for a heart bypass surgery on Monday. My heart went out to him. I was gonna burst into tears on the spot but I tahan-ed cuz I'm strong. Under this scenario, I'm not a #drama queen. It IS very sad ok.

My friend once told me that she thought the elderly are a group of 'pitiful' people. I see what she means now. Diseases, death of your spouse (if you outlive him/her), unfilial children (in some cases)... you tell me, pitiful or not? So it does seem reasonable for me to wish that everyone stopped growing at the age of 21 years.



I am officially thanking Dad now for stopping me from pursing a career as a doctor all those years ago. A 'Dr' title in front of your name is doubtlessly awesome. And that would have been the sole reason had I chosen to study medicine.

*continues to emo*

P.S: My dream is to be a siu lai lai in the future. Someone please take note. Muahaha.


Jee said...

note taken hahaha and also you can always do PHD to have the dr title!

corrinne said...

muahahahaha. good!

noooo way am i doing a PHD. I don't wanna study anymoreeeee. I want to be a siu lai lai and goyang kaki at home!