Saturday, April 28, 2012

Exams, How I Love You

It's my favourite month of the year #sarcasm cuz exams are just around the corner. Every December and April, I'm screwed. Ilovemyself.

#1 Messed up body clock
30 minute naps become 3 hour ones and I end up waking in the middle of night.

#2 Messed up hormones
Pimples are mushrooming on my face and 90% of the time I'm in a foul mood.

#3 Messed up head
I feel immensely guilty when I slack the whole day.

#4 Messed up nutrition
I start eating instant food. My dinner consists of baked beans and frankfurters which of course doesn't contain any nutrients. So I take shitloads of vitamins to replace any nutrients I lack and bananas to prevent constipation wth.

P.S: Please do not follow this diet cuz you may end up malnourished and die WTH.

#5 Messed up vital stats
I ate three tubs of Haagen Dazs' and uncountable bars of chocolates within a week cuz they're happy foods so now I'm a 32-100-34.

#6 I will rot in hell
Numerous empty promises I made to my friend to study in the library cuz I always end up ffk-ing him so much so that I qualify to be a pilot now.

Every December and April I'm filled with regret and remorse for not studying at the beginning of the term like I promised myself. 

This is the typical life cycle of a student (unless you're a nerd or a genius or seriously hardworking).

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J said...

ALL.THE.BEST. time will pass by quickly!!!!