Saturday, December 5, 2009


Things you should know:
It's the 5th of December 2009.
And i went to York, which is about 2 hours' drive from Manchester.

Now i shall pass the post over to the pictures. Afterall, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

Pictures taken along the way

the countryside

Our tour around York brought us to these places:

Clifford's Tower

The York Dungeon

A picture of a pirate holding what seemed like a knife with cobwebs hanging around

Then we had lunch at Revolution (a bar). Our food came after 15 minutes so lunch was on them! ^^ Anyway, the food was good! :]

Aileen and I

the rest of us (minus Bickie and YY)
P.S. YY doesn't stand for Yunyi here

The food we had:

Autumn chicken skewers

Revolution platter

Nachos layered with melting cheese
(yup, it's 'melting' not 'melted'. I double checked.)

The inside of York Minster

We climbed the tower to the top. (It was my 'brilliant' idea we did that. I didn't expect the steps to be so steep.) But in the end, i stood where soldiers once upon a time stood, looking out for enemies riding on horses coming from afar. Or messengers coming to offer peace. Or just admiring the beautiful sunset. (Oh... i sound so dramatic.)

Now that i'm at the top, i can arrogantly say that the climb was a piece of cake. ^^

The steps of the tower. There were 275 steps altogether.
(i did feel a little giddy)

Halfway to the top.

We weren't supposed to remain here/take pictures. Guess we didn't know the danger we were putting ourselves into. I mean, someone might fall over, right? *touch wood*

Suddenly, there was this announcement over the LOUDSPEAKER, 'girls, please continue walking.' They had spy cameras installed! (ok, maybe i watch too much Jackie Chan)

The view of York from the top

That's me!


双子流星 said...

yea, u r keeping ur blog alive! keep it up~

Delorfilinde said...

the place looks lovely!! i love the blue sky..

Jing Hui said...

bickie said wat i wanna said!!yeah..keep ur blog alive!=)