Friday, December 11, 2009

The joy of shopping

Indescribable feeling.

Shopping can definitely mend the broken heart. I totally forgot all my worries and my care (in this case, assignments) while shopping :] SIGH. Bought a dress, a bag and tights. Primark sure sucks the $$ out of my purse. I'm broke again! And i need the cash machine. NOW. =.= Anyway, i had to buy them because they were oh-so-cheap!

Wearing the dress to tonight's Christmas Ball! Woohooo! Shall upload the pictures later on... :]

Spilled rice all over my carpet. This is so me. Sigh. Bent over to pick them up, grain by grain, grain by grain... and guess what i found? GOLD. ^^ That is such a lie. Instead, i found nail clippings, clumps of hair... I shall not describe my room to you anymore. You get the picture.

Note to self:
Assignments due on MONDAY
Vacuum room ASAP (maybe after coming back from Scotland)

Just another week to Christmas Hols!! Hohohohoho.

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