Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When students are stressed

I need a break.

Assignments, assignments, assignments.... Sigh. I seem very free but am actually not. I have tonnes of work waiting for me to complete. =.= (all last minute) I'm so not sleeping tonight. (i've broken every single one of my December resolutions. I'll start all over again in January-to welcome the new year :] and break them all the next day) If i didn't have a roof in my room, my stack of assignments would have already reached the moon. SIGH.

When students are stressed (i got these in an email. Laughed my head off):

I like the last one. (personal favourite) He hanged himself in the end. LOL.
I'm not being a sadist or anything. This is just way too FUN-NAY. I would've done the same anyway.

Have been indulging in chocolates. =.=
I regretted the day i bought them. (now i'm eating nonstop again)

Gotta get back to work. :[


Pinkie123 said...

haha..they ARE FUNNY!!! don't stressed yourself too much, find some ways to relax! suggestion : shopping. haha~ I used to get addicted of chocolate but I'm free from it now! haha!

corrinne said...

yer.. how did u get rid of yr choc addiction? i knw of one way - NO MORE BUYING CHOCS!!
going shopping later. woohooooo ^^

g_yean_i said...

haha~ your life has to be busy, that proves that you're actually living know? but then yea, don't overstressed~ just organized everything and you'll be fine! hehe..

aylwin89 said...

go for kungfu class..haha kick some butt and feel better... but for the first few class, u will get ur butt kicked first la...haha... really a good way to destressed hehe

xy said...

agree the last one,
studying= study + dying