Monday, December 7, 2009

Killing some time

An update a day keeps my blog alive! :]
*see how determined i am*

Right now i'm just waiting to go out to do my weekly shopping-Like an auntie :[

Itinerary for the next two weeks before Christmas holidays:
Christmas Ball on Friday :] !!
Physical Pharmacy mock test the following Friday :[
Then i'm free...

Itinerary for my one month Christmas holidays:
20-21/12 - Going to London
22-26/12 - Going to Scotland (where i'll definitely be able to make a KT lookalike snowguy getting married to a GW lookalike snowgirl - i really have nothing better to do)
26/12 (night) - Back to Manchester. ^^
Gonna miss Boxing Day this year. (This is so sad) *secretly hoping that i'll be able to shop in Scotland* P.S. : MAMA PLEASE READ THIS ^^

And... Off i go.


Delorfilinde said...

lol.. how come you are so free?
i have updates but got no time to update! haha

corrinne said...

LOL.. no wonder i don't see any new updates for yr blog. i'm jz being lazy. workload's piling

Jing Hui said...

hana~I saw dy...we are coming back to manchester on that day..if u still hav energy to go shopping after that then u can go a head..i dont mind..^^

Pinkie123 said...

yeah corrine,i support yr plan! i wanna go shopping in scotland too. :D

corrinne said...

yay yay yay... YAY!!
we go shopping together ok?? woohooooo.

Delorfilinde said...

haha.. i go update now ;)