Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My December Resolutions

Today's the 1st of December.
Here are my resolutions:

1. No eating after 8pm
2. No staying up late
3. No waking up late
4. Eat fruits 30 minutes before a meal
5. No snacks in between meals

I'm gonna lead a healthy lifestyle from tomorrow onwards.
*Yes I am!*
Tonight is officially the last night i'm ever having supper.
*Yes it is!*
Corrinne will be fit in no time.
*Yes she will!*
P.S. I'm in the cheer leading squad to cheer myself on. :]
Yeah... so let's imagine me in a red and white tutu with matching pompoms doing somersaults for myself.

See... i told you that i'm bored.(Blogging is to kill time)
By the way, my healthy supper consisted of wholemeal bread (carbohydrates, fibre), cucumber (vitamins and minerals), cheese (protein), margarine (vitamin E, fats) and mayonnaise (fats).



-DaN- said...

NO updates for two months then 2 posts in a single day?
U're killing me. Haha.
Anyway, yeye will ask santa to give you cheerleading equipments if you be a nice girl k? haha

Happy winter everyone :)

corrinne said...

^^ okay!! haha
i know.. i was too bored yesterday. didn't know what else to do.

Delorfilinde said...

lol.. hey i'm getting fat here!! college life made me fat xD