Monday, April 16, 2012

Corrinne is Domesticated

One of the things I hate the most is grocery shopping but bo pien I still have to do it unless I want to die of starvation. It's my weekly errand exercise which I suppose is beneficial for my health. Studying overseas has made me so independent (although a handful of people will disagree with this) over the last three years *pats self on back* Ok la, studying anywhere away from home for that matter.

When I first enrolled in college I stayed in the student hostel. On the first night I waited to be served dinner. Manatau they didn't cuz it wasn't a catered hall wth. I waited from 6pm. Until 7pm. By 8pm I was too hungry I ended up eating the sausage buns I brought with me (luckily I had food) or else I wouldn't be typing this entry.

Ok, that was stupid of me but let's not dwell on that fact anymore. Anyway, I really dislike grocery shopping cuz I'm an indoor person wth. The more I stay at home the better. In fact my daily routine during the holidays consists of sitting and sleeping so much so that I feel like a vegetable minus the stalks (lembik). You can literally see the flab on my tummy beginning to form.

Eh hello it's not that I'm lazy but every time I want to leave the house I have to prepare myself mentally, physically and emotionally for whatever torture the weather hurls at me ok. The hurdles in life. It's so cold outside my knuckles turn blue. I even broke down and cried once WTH. HAHAHAHA. (I don't understand how the angmohs can just wear a shirt and shorts and play football. Maybe cuz they're doing sports but I'd still drop dead frozen.) Plus I don't own a car. Even if I did I can't drive. I expect to be driven around cannot meh *arrogant*

And then, after buying the stuff I have to walk back. Although it's just a 7 minute walk, with 2L of milk it feels like an hour *sigh* Never mind la, I am willing to sacrifice my arm for milk. See... you don't have to be envious of my life #self pity

By the way, I always have the option of buying groceries online. Muahahaha. But then the way I choose my chicken and fruits is worse than choosing a husband wth #picky I think the promoter would die looking at me do my shopping. My chicken must not have a single feather sticking out of it while my banana must not have any black spots. When I bring them home after hours of choosing I find out that they aren't as perfect as they seemed. So bek chek.

True story.

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