Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Salzburg, Austria

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Day trip to Salzburg from Munich.

#1 Salzburg Fortress

You have to take cable cars to go up so if you're scared of heights you can skip this tour and just use your x5 optical zoom to take pictures of the fort. (Plus the fort was already closed by the time I arrived) However, apparently the view of Salzburg is magnificent from the top so if you decide to overcome your phobia, you might as well take a trip there.

#2 Man on the globe. He stands guard over the fortress.

From afar we thought it was a real person wth.

#3 Love locks- to symbolise a couple's everlasting love (for pessimists, if there is such a thing).

I suppose some people can be as delusional as I am. Like it or not, we all live in Fantasy Land one way or another. When Friendster was still widely used 10 years ago, the location on my profile was Fairy Land wth.

#4 Shopping street.

Bickie and I after we experienced a sugar rush cuz we ate desert- black forest cake and ice cream pie.

#5 Mozart's Birthplace

#6 Mozart's Residence

I fell asleep while listening to his songs (due to the calming effect) and almost fell off the chair wth. Yep, we pretty much stalked Mozart from his birth to the era where he gained popularity.

Oh now I remember, something embarrassing happened in Austria too. I'll write about that in another entry. Muahahaha. And no, I did not fall off the chair in front of everyone.

#7 Mirabell Palace and Gardens

If you watched the classic film 'The Sound of Music', this is where the von Trapp children sang 'Do-Re-Mi'.

#8 My unicorn friend smiling down on me <3 I told you I lived in Fantasy Land so I believe in the existence of unicorns.

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