Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The One Thing I Can't Make B Do

Is watch a horror movie with me.

You bet I tried all sorts of methods to get to him to watch. I called him a 'chicken' and his reply was 'I'd rather be a chicken than watch a horror movie.' Where got people like that one? I rolled on the floor shedding tears also kena ignored. He'll just step across the spinning mass on the ground to reach for the remote control. Walaoeh. Heartless can. Basically all my efforts went down the drain. HE JUST WON'T WATCH wth.

I don't know why I love watching horror films so much cuz they actually scare me shitless. Then after watching, I one week never bang sai lo cuz no more shit (shitless already ma). Most of the time I cover my face with a pillow and stuff my ears with cotton wool so that I neither see the ghost nor hear the scary background sounds but sometimes tak sempat. You know la, the ghost always comes out when you least expect it.

So I'll be left traumatised and regret not listening to B in the first place cuz my mind will start playing tricks on me #hallucination especially when it's raining heavily and the wind is howling outside my window AT NIGHT. It's the perfect day for a crime since all the tracks will be washed away by the rain. I usually end up sleeping with the lights on. And I avoid looking at mirrors cuz I expect to find a masked man staring back at me, holding a bloody knife WTH. 

After a while however I forget about the experience and go back to persuading/ pestering/ annoying him. Muahahaha. Sometimes I do feel bad about bullying him. But when I feel bad I stop being bad and become awesome instead- adapted from Barney Stinson. (I still haven't got my way so you don't have to sympathise with him ok)

In any case, I'm currently devising an evil mastermind plan to get him to watch a horror movie with me. Wish me luck!

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