Saturday, April 21, 2012

Second Thoughts

I was BBMing a friend of mine who had just started working and we both ended up complaining about how working life sucks the energy out of you big time. Although I haven't stepped into this phase of my life I can roughly guess how it will be. Please I have one of the best-est imaginations ok.

He's an accountant and I will be a (future) pharmacist. So since we cliqued really well cuz we both enjoy complaining (it's me really), I told him I'd have a depressing profession in like, a year's time. Please la if you think a pharmacist equals a professional trained to read doctors' handwritings then you can eat your words. (Almost) All the prescriptions now are computer generated so anyone can read it. Muahahaha.

As I was saying, it ain't no bed of roses when you enter the working circle unless you inherit your family's company and become the CEO then that's another story. If you're a:
i.  Healthcare professional- Surrounded by terminally ill/ dying patients
ii. Accountant- Surrounded by colleagues struggling to survive in the office

Conclusion: All professions same-same la.

Which brings me to Corrinne's Future Life Plan:
Plan A: Gwai gwai graduate and become a practicing pharmacist

Plan B: Become a blogger WITH A SOURCE OF INCOME LA DUH if not how will I survive with no money. This is the funnest job ever cuz I kinda like writing. Non factual stuffs of course. But I change aspirations pretty often so I may quit anytime. If you look at the history of, it only had 3 entries in 2011 wth.

Plan C: Work as a clown in Disneyland/ Universal Studios/ Genting Highlands cuz it brings me one step closer to fantasy land. Who knows one day you'll see me making balloons in the shape of animals and handing them out to children. 

And if all else fails, I have a Plan D:
Become an amoeba (parasite) and live off my future husband. Muahahaha. Joking. JOKING ok. Do I look like that kind of a person to you?

Anyway, note to self: do not let Mum and Dad see this post or else I'll end up in the tong sampah with my body chopped up into 16 kerats and packed in black garbage bags outside my house wth. No la, I'm the bao bei nv er ie, the apple, banana, orange, heck, even durian, of their eyes. They'd never do that.

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