Saturday, April 14, 2012

When I had 9 pounds and 35 pence

I find myself caught up in embarrassing situations most of the time. But since I'm courageous, brave and shameless I'll relate the story for the world to read wth.

Embarrassing story 2 happened on a windy spring afternoon when I went for lunch. I happy happy ordered food, finished almost half the plate and found out I only had a little cash with me. And they don't accept cards! Where got shops don't accept cards one? Please la 21st century already ok! Time for an upgrade. The meal cost 16 pounds but I only had 9 pounds and 35 pence with me wth. *sigh* Don't know why so suay. I was on the verge of asking the waiter to chia me but my skin thickness measures only 15 inches, not thick enough to do such a thing yet.

Anyway I then went frantically searching for a cash machine. (No, I didn't offer to wash their plates although that was what I told B. HAHAHA. He didn't believe me of course.) 10 minutes later, when I returned to the shop I pretended to be on the phone. No la I was really on the phone with B. No money? Call B. Lost my way? Call B. Constipated? Call B too. Calling B is what I do best. It's my field of expertise *yeehaa*. Come on la, communication is important in a relationship ok.

So I entered the shop #like a boss to pay for the meal, with a sheepish grin plastered on my face and with my Blackberry in hand so that I don't get labelled as "The Girl who couldn't afford to pay for her meal" and therefore become blacklisted from the shop, which will eventually result in my never eating chicken rice again for the rest of my life in the UK (Dang, they have good chicken rice). At least I have a phone. That's proof that even if I had no money to pay them I still could pawn my phone for a plate of chicken rice wth. I needed to redeem myself a little. Just a little.

Pai seh ok. I probably won't be going back there anytime soon. At most I'll ask B to ta pau their chicken rice for me wth.

I'm actually not so bin poi kau one. Maybe just bin poi kau two.

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