Friday, April 6, 2012

The Price

There is a price for everything. You know that's true. Please la when you go to the supermarkets, everything there is priced. Don't bring free food samples into the scenario ok.

If you're famous, you're bound to have haters no matter what you do, so the saying goes 'haters gonna hate'. They send you hate emails/ letters and judge your very being without even personally knowing you. If you donate half of your earnings to charity, you're doing it to gain popularity. Ask any celebrity and they'll tell you.

If you're pretty/ handsome, you went for plastic surgery (most celebrities do anyway but you get what I mean. In fact Korean pop idols all look the same to me I started to suspect that they went to the same plastic surgeon. Hahaha.)

If you're rich, your business must be illegal.

People are quick to jump to conclusions (and I sometimes may have unknowingly done so too ie, in the case of Korean pop idols). Who are we to judge when we ourselves aren't perfect (unless you are one self righteous person who honestly believes that you're holy)?

Heck, you don't even have to be popular or pretty or rich to be judged. A simple deed of bringing a coffee for your boss will start rumours going in the office and within what is less than a split second, your colleagues have turned their backs on you and you have become an ass-kissing, shoe-rubbing *insert whatever term you please* of the company.

So basically what I'm saying is, we ought to change our mindsets. Maybe that's easier said than done. Most people are NATOs (No Action Talk Only) after all... like me. Muahahaha. Which is why I've come up with a 99.99% foolproof solution for you and that is to... jeng... jeng... jeng... wait for it...

Turn a deaf ear/ blind eye.


Disclaimer: When all else fails please don't come running to me and blaming me for your ignorance so don't heed my advice. Muahahaha.

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