Saturday, April 7, 2012

Text Language

I'm beginning to think that my Whatsapp/ BBM/ Skype/ MSN/ normal mobile texting buddies hate me. Cuz I'm too lazy to type proper sentences and always use simplified words, way simplified words. So now I'm one heck of a lonely girl cuz nobody wants to text me *sheds a tear* Here's a list of the words that frequently pop up in my text messages:

1. Gris- Greece (cuz I plan on going to Greece during the summer)
2. Huni/ suni/ funi- Honey/ Sunny/ Funny
3. Dowan- Don't want
4. Lidis/ Lidat- Like this/ Like that
5. Mitup- Meet up
6. B2in- Between
7. Gr8- Great
9. Dono- Don't know
10. Nomo- No more
11. Sumo- Some more
12. Laf- Laugh
13. Gd9- Good night
14. Lmk- Let me know
15. D- Already

For the other unlisted words, in text language, just drop the vowels. For example, srsly (seriously), cls (class) and pls (please).

... And the list goes on. Faster go and memorise them now so we can text each other.

I used to be the person who loathed texting in this manner cuz I find it hard to interpret them but I guess I don't anymore. Please la I was the girl who used to think T.T was the short form of tata and each time my friend sent me a text with T.T, I'd reply with an abrupt bye wth.

For example, "I can't my keys anywhere. T.T" Then my reply would be, "Aww. Try looking in your pockets. Bye!" :S Or "I got kicked in the shin today. It hurts like mad. T.T" "I'm sure the pain will go away soon. Try rubbing some medicine on it. Bye!" I hope my friends didn't feel like I was brushing them off. :S

Now Corrinne is THE PRO. Thanks to the urban texting language dictionary ie; the Corritionary wth. Typing like this saves me a lot of time and energy ok.

However, me being me, I know my limits. I never ever text Mum like this or else I'll get nagged about the importance of using proper Queen's English. Hehe.

"Hi Mum. Juz 2 letya no, I'm gud. Whn u fnly cn rd my txt lang w/o hvin my sis intrprt it, u'll grad wif 1st cls hons."

I think if I started spelling 'free' as 'fri' no one would ever text me again.

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